The intelligent manufacturing training of IMR Smart Factory was successfully completed

The year 2022 is an important year for IMR to implement its intelligent manufacturing strategy. In order to improve the knowledge of intelligent manufacturing of personnel in all companies and deepen their understanding of industrial intelligent manufacturing and other professional technologies, the company specially organized a large-scale training meeting on October 26! Zhang Yongtai, a famous lecturer, was specially invited to be the keynote speaker of the training, and more than 50 people from Dongguan Institute of Technology, a cooperative college with IMR University and enterprises, attended the training as important guests, including the company's chairman, general manager and personnel from relevant functional departments!


Lecturer Zhang Yongtai, member of China SMTA Technical Committee, technical consultant of Industrial AI (AIM) magazine, technical consultant of China Surface Mount Technology magazine, Master of Engineering from Taiwan's Tamkang University, Master of Human Resources Management from Curtin University's Management Institute, Bachelor of Science from Taiwan's Fengjia University's Department of Environmental Science, and Bachelor of Management from Australia's National Polytechnic Institute!


In combination with Elma and the current industry development, Mr. Zhang customized training courses for the company, mainly from the following two major aspects. 1. Implementation of intelligent manufacturing in smart factories; 2. System classification of automation solutions. In the class, we explained the landing and automation solutions of intelligent manufacturing in smart factories in plain language and rich cases.


After the meeting, Chairman Qiao Fan led the teachers of Dongguan Institute of Technology to show the latest products of IMR and the great achievements in intelligent manufacturing in recent years in the company's exhibition hall! Through the demonstration of intelligent equipment, the basic process of injection molding was explained, and the digital management system was used to display all aspects of modern production management. The guests and teachers at the scene highly praised the intelligent process of IMR!



Through this training, the relevant personnel of the company have a better understanding of intelligent manufacturing, established a more professional knowledge structure for the company's personnel, and effectively improved the skill level. IMR has always adhered to the training of technical skills, guided by the development needs of the enterprise, and constantly improved the innovation and excellence ability of technical and skilled personnel of employees, helping the enterprise to transform and upgrade from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing.

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