In mold decoration technology IMD

The English name of IMD is in mold decoration. IMD is a general term for surface decoration technology. Refers to in mold decoration technology, also known as coating free technology. It may be easy to understand that the pattern is printed on the diaphragm in advance, and the pattern is "transferred" to the surface of the injected product in the injection mold. Such a process in the form of transfer is collectively referred to as IMD process.

IMD in mold decoration is a relatively new automatic production process. Compared with the traditional process, it can simplify the production steps and reduce the use of more instruments. Only a few sets of moulds with core technology can be used. Therefore, it can produce quickly, save time and cost, and has the advantages of improving quality, increasing the complexity of patterns and improving the durability of products.

Surely many people are still curious about how to kill such a good thing. Is it only a few years ago? In fact, IMD technology has been implemented for many years. Since the early 1990s, from the bonding structure between double-layer films to the three-dimensional molding technology of injection molding multi structure, it has now become a popular process and has been applied to all walks of life. It has changed the stereotyped mode of flat plate and developed into a new mode of Trinity panel composed of foil film and printed graphics, marking ink and resin injection molding.

What are the characteristics of IMD: IMD is a general term, which is composed of many different subdivision processes. The biggest advantage is the pattern, and the logo will not be worn due to friction or time. Based on injection molding, it can formulate the relative surface texture application according to the molded style, so as to achieve high fidelity, stable shape and size, and easier assembly. Therefore, IMD technology is often applied to the panels of automobiles, communications, electronics, instruments and instruments, which integrates decoration and functionality.

▲1. Exquisite decorative graphics and texts, hidden in the logo, will not disappear due to friction or chemical corrosion.

▲2. The same screen printing can adopt different colors, and the same texture can achieve different effects.

▲3. High stretch graphics can be achieved.

▲4. The performance effect of ink and plastic injection can be combined to form a hidden window effect.

▲5. The application of three-dimensional effect and high edge wrapping makes the product texture effect more realistic.

IMD is a general term. What does it include? IML,IMR. Ime and ins are similar, such as double-sided IMR. Each process has its absolute advantage. The products we know are IMD, but they are not IMD. They are mostly similar to the products of IML and IMR.

The application fields of IMD are: home appliances, communications, automobiles, computers, cosmetics, medical treatment, etc.

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