Zeiss VR One

Client: Zeiss

Eyeshield – This part is placed on the front surface. It is the main part of the front cover.

IMR Mould Making, IMR Injection Moulding, Foil Development, R&D and Material Testing.
The Zeiss VR One is a virtual reality device made by Zeiss. We started to work on the VR One project in September 2014. Our task was to manufacture the eyeshield part. Since it is the main visible part on the front and the lens inside also needs to work properly, it was not easy to handle the development of this part. Moreover Zeiss had a critical lead time for this project of just 35 days. We managed to meet these requirements by using our core IMR technology. This product was awarded with the 2015 iF Design Award. The VR One glasses became widely popular in the internet.

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