iRobot Roomba 880

Client: iRobot

Faceplate – The outer large circle part which is located on the front surface of the Roomba 880.

Handle – This part is needed for carrying the Roomba 880. It is extremely durable

IMR Mould Making, IMR Injection Moulding, Foil Development, R&D and Sourcing Support.
This product is a vacuum cleaner made by iRobot. We started to work on the Roomba 880 project in May 2013. Our task was to manufacture the faceplate, handle and the main button part. Since all three parts are assembled on the front cover design of this product, the requirements in terms of durability and design were quite challenging. We managed to meet these requirements by using our core IMR technology. This product was awarded with the 2014 iF Design and the Red Dot Award. iRobot sold over 10 million units of the Roomba series so far.

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