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department Job title Salary range Number of recruits Working time
Project Department Product manager 10K-12K 1 26 days and 8 hours

Post requirements

  1. College degree or above, between 28-38 years old, men and women are not restricted;

  2. Have the ability to analyze and find problems, and actively notify the mold, forming, and quality assurance to correct the existing problems to achieve that the manufactured samples can meet the customer's requirements;

  3. The establishment of new product standards;

  4. Approval of samples and confirmation of limit samples;

  5. Assist the production department to deal with abnormal production, optimize and improve production, and assist the quality department to handle customer complaints;

  6. The customer's mold follow-up and the on-time rate of sample delivery are achieved.

Working place

Dongguan City

Contact information

Miss Rong: 13662731930 Miss Jiang: 18825521518

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